Rates & Terms


Monthly fee of $78 (1500 sq. ft home). Condo and larger home prices will vary. Includes weekly visits to your home on rotating schedule.


  Hourly rates and alarm response

$38.50 per hour, per person, plus all materials and supplies used at your home. Alarm response includes check of inside and outside, reset alarm, police report, etc.

  Extra trip

Meeting someone at your home, such as  contractor, A/C service, bank or insurance adjustors, furniture delivery. We will meet them at your home. If you want us to stay at your home, notify us (hourly rate applies).


Due to scheduling, we need 24 hours advance notice. We will make the appointment with your service agents as necessary. Please advise us of your intended arrival and departure dates.

  COD payments

Contractors, Cable TV, telephone, A/C, pool service or other COD services – we will pay whatever amount is needed to get the job done.

  Long distance and overseas calls and faxes

Extra charge depending on phone rate.

  Mail pick-up

All mail will be picked up and mailed to you, if you wish, when necessary – postal fee only.

  Hurricane preparedness

If a storm threatening significant damage is forecasted to affect the Southwest Florida area, and we deem it necessary to remove any or all outside items (eg, lawn ornaments, water hoses, flower pots) that would suffer or cause damage due to tropical storm force winds or greater, we will store these items for you. Hourly rate applies. We will also install your storm panels to your windows with your approval. Please inform us of your desire for this service before hurricane season begins.

  Communication is our goal

When weather conditions threaten to impact your home, we will communicate with you as soon as possible. Please give us the names and phone numbers of all important contact people. List all who have your house key. If you’re having work done at your home, please make sure to advise us. We will contact you with any problems with your home.

We look forward to working and helping you with your home!

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